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Allina health about us careers for medical professionals give / volunteer en español employee sign in navigation locations doctors & providers health, conditions & treatments medical services customer service family health manager mychart sign in register help my library add articles family health manager© 2012 wellclicksall rights reserved. Privacy policy | terms of use sitemap | feedback | help your browser does not support javascript! Find health information provide feedback klippel-trenaunay syndrome jump to: (select one) save share print | share your browser does not support javascript! References references / related articles   garzon m, huang j, enjolras o, frieden i. Vascular malformations. generic viagra online viagra for sale cheap generic viagra cheap viagra uk delivery cheap viagra online buy viagra buy generic viagra cheap viagra buy viagra online Part ii: associated syndromes. J am acad derm. 2007;56(4):541-564. Definition klippel-trenaunay syndrome is a rare condition that is present at birth. The syndrome usually involves port wine stains, excess growth of bones and soft tissue, and varicose veins. Alternative names klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome; kts; angio-osteohypertrophy; nevus varicosus osteohypertrophicus syndrome; hemangiectasia hypertrophicans; nevus verucosus hypertrophicans causes, incidence, and risk factors most cases of klippel-trenaunay syndrome occur for no apparent reason. However, a few cases are thought to be passed down through families (inherited), possibly as an autosomal dominant trait. Symptoms many port wine stains or other blood vessel problems, including dark spots on the skin. Varicose veins (may be seen in early infancy, but are more likely to be seen later in childhood or adolescence) other possible symptoms: bleeding from the rectum blood in the urine signs and tests persons with this condition may have excessive growth of bones and soft tissue. This occurs most commonly in the legs, but it also may affect the arms, face, head, or internal organs. Support groups it may be helpful to join a support group in which members share common problems and concerns. The following organizations provide further information on klippel-trenaunay syndrome: the klippel-trenaunay syndrome support group --www. K-t. Org vascular birthmarks foundation -- www. Birthmark. Org expectations (prognosis) mostâ people with klippel-trenaunay syndrome do well, although the condition may affect their appearance. Some people haveâ psychological problems from the condition. There can sometimes be abnormal blood vessels in the abdomen, which need to be evaluated. Review date: 11/14/2011 reviewed by: chad haldeman-engle.

Consulting Services & Bespoke Solutions
We specialise in providing a specialised & "personal" approach to Consulting Services for BMC Business Service Management (BSM) solutions.

Also providiong System Integrator Services & tailored solutions based on bespoke requirements.

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As a BMC Consulting Partner & Supplier, our consultants are certified, BMC Remedy accredited, and adhere to software development & project methodologies, in line with that of BMC Consulting Services.

Consulting Services
Our consultants work with BMC Software's Consulting Services, fulfilling resources & consulting needs for delivery of BSM, ITIL & ITSM solutions to leading Global businesses. Consultants are certified in BMC & Remedy solutions.

Bespoke Solutions
We work closesly with our customers to ensure we provide tailored solutions to fit requirements and needs of a each customer & their buisness area. Whether this is System Inetgration to Full Systems



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